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5 tips to help you switch to natural beauty

We are back with the Clean Beauty series on our channel and this time we are going back to basics. If you’re not already familiar with the toxic ingredients in your cosmetics and their alternatives, we are here to tell you: we’ve been there! Trust us, there is a whole world out there with brands offering cleaner cosmetics doing the same, or even better job as their toxic counterparts. Watch these 5 tips that will help you in finding non toxic beauty products and to hear what worked for us. MENTIONED: Gaia Creams: ⊳ 15% promo code: PATTERNOFTASTE Ecco Verde: ⊳ Naturisimo: ⊳ EWG – Environmental Working Group: ⊳  

6 reasons to drink lemon water every morning

Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon and cayenne is one of those quick and easy habits that can make a really big impact on your health and well-being. Before I developed this daily routine, I used to crave coffee and sugary foods, like granola or pastries right after I woke up. These foods would satisfy my taste buds but soon after I would be feeling sluggish, bloated and hungry. Since I started drinking the lemon water after waking up, I crave more satisfying foods in the mornings, which set me up for a healthier and more energetic day. One of the main reasons I started this habit was the fact that lemon stimulates the liver, an important detoxing organ that is most active in the mornings. Why is it important to help your liver detox? One of many of the liver’s vital functions is to support healthy and clear skin, and balanced weight, which was what I was after when I started this habit about a year ago. In order for the liver …