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Minimalist Jewellery – gold necklace

Recently I have been obsessed with simple and minimalist jewellery that you can wear everyday, with any outfit, regardless of the occasion. Something that matches your personality but does not overwhelm you (unless going big is totally your style!). One of the pieces I have been looking for was a short and delicate gold necklace with a small pendant, and so I was super happy when my lovely mum has gifted me with a necklace by a Polish designer Ania Kruk. I have been wearing it every day since and I don’t need to think whether I’m going for a casual, work or evening look, as it goes with anything. I am already looking around for another one to be able to layer them and now there really is a wide selection out there. Here are a few of my favourite ones:         Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.        

Peace – introducing the new artisan and organic beauty website

It was only recently that Anna posted about our top 3 favourite natural beauty online destinations and so we are extremely excited to share another, very unique website with you – Peace. We had the pleasure of being contacted by Huma, the owner of Peace, who is one of the most passionate people out there, living a healthy and green life, and wanting to share it with others. Hearing stories from people on what motivated them to live healthier and less toxic lives always brings us joy, and Huma’s store is no different. Similarly to us, Huma found it very difficult to switch to natural beauty products due to conflicting information and words such as ‘natural’ not being regulated. As a result, Huma trusted her skin only with handmade organic products which helped her skin to heal, after a skin rash she had developed as a reaction to cosmetics from big and well known brands. She strongly believes that less is more – and we couldn’t agree more, especially that our skin can absorb up …

5 tips to help you switch to natural beauty

We are back with the Clean Beauty series on our channel and this time we are going back to basics. If you’re not already familiar with the toxic ingredients in your cosmetics and their alternatives, we are here to tell you: we’ve been there! Trust us, there is a whole world out there with brands offering cleaner cosmetics doing the same, or even better job as their toxic counterparts. Watch these 5 tips that will help you in finding non toxic beauty products and to hear what worked for us. MENTIONED: Gaia Creams: ⊳ 15% promo code: PATTERNOFTASTE Ecco Verde: ⊳ Naturisimo: ⊳ EWG – Environmental Working Group: ⊳  

Palm leaf print

I have recently decided to focus on building a minimalist wardrobe, which will allow me to mix and match clothes without problems. Things were going on well until I came across a jumpsuit in a palm leaf print. I have always liked the motif of a palm, especially on wallpapers (example – Martinique) and when I saw the jumpsuit, I bought it on the spot, which doesn’t happen too often. It’s the first one listed below and I love it! I realized that tropical prints are trending at the moment, so I decided to share my picks with you in case you’re looking for a truly summer piece. I really like the combination of green leaves on a white or black background, but you can find the print in different shades, like blue, grey or black and white. Top Shop – Palm Leaf Print Jumpsuit New Look – Palm Printed Jumpsuit Liquorish – Palm Print Maxi Dress Misguided – Leaf Print Playsuit New Look – Palm Leaf Shirt Dress Definitions Cut Out Front Dress Pandora …

Where to shop online for green beauty products

Green beauty products become more and more popular these days and the number of new green brands grows. However, the market is still dominated by non-clean brands and it’s not easy to find natural cosmetics in shops. Thankfully, there is a lot of great online shops offering a full range of green beauty products – I find online shopping really convenient, because I can check products’ reviews, compare with others and find the best deal. Also, when I’m in the shop, I tend to grab some items quickly, not giving the purchase a thought because I’m in the rush. When it comes to online shopping, I usually bookmark a product first and think whether it’s worth buying or not. Anyway, let me introduce three of my favourite online shopping destinations to you! 1. Naturisimo We love Naturisimo – it offers free worldwide shipping, the range of products is fantastic and – what is really cool – you can order samples before making a purchase. To get a discount, use SUMMER -10% code at the checkout …