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5 tips to help you switch to natural beauty

We are back with the Clean Beauty series on our channel and this time we are going back to basics. If you’re not already familiar with the toxic ingredients in your cosmetics and their alternatives, we are here to tell you: we’ve been there! Trust us, there is a whole world out there with brands offering cleaner cosmetics doing the same, or even better job as their toxic counterparts. Watch these 5 tips that will help you in finding non toxic beauty products and to hear what worked for us. MENTIONED: Gaia Creams: ⊳ 15% promo code: PATTERNOFTASTE Ecco Verde: ⊳ Naturisimo: ⊳ EWG – Environmental Working Group: ⊳  

Gaia Creams – the holistic approach to skincare

Trust me – ‘Less is More’ when it comes to healthy skin care. The key is to support your skin’s natural processes and stimulate its intelligence, not to fight with it. Anna McGurran Founder & owner of Gaia Creams Skin is our largest organ and it absorbs whatever we put on it. Therefore, changing what I treat my skin with has been as important to me as what I eat. Gaia creams were one of the first skincare products I fell in love with almost two years ago when I started my transition to healthier living and now I cannot live without them! The company’s ethos is based on strong ethical and ecological principles, and the idea for the products was born out of passion to provide gorgeous skin care, using non-toxic, cruelty free and vegan ingredients. What I love about Gaia skincare No added perfume ingredients, which I previously found to irritate my skin straight away after using. They have a natural fragrance derived from the ingredients used in each individual cream, often taking you back …

Antipodes – the natural way to treat your skin

I tested quite a few natural beauty products over the past few months and I can’t wait to tell you all about them. First of all, I wanted to talk about face creams and I will start with one of my favourite brands, Antipodes. The brand is from New Zealand and their products are made of sustainable and traceable ingredients, which are free from parabens, silicones, petrochemicals, sulphates and many more toxic ingredients, which can be found in conventional creams. The packaging they use are made of recyclable materials and their products are not tested on animals. Products I tried so far: Antipodes Rejoice Light Day Cream This cream’s key ingredients are Manuka flower and avocado oil, which heal, are anti wrinkle and provide moisturizing nutrients for the skin naturally. I find this cream perfect for the day. It feels rich but is well absorbed by my skin, even when I started using an oily foundation on top of it. I always worry whether a new face cream will sting my skin and feel uncomfortable, …