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5 tips to help you switch to natural beauty

We are back with the Clean Beauty series on our channel and this time we are going back to basics. If you’re not already familiar with the toxic ingredients in your cosmetics and their alternatives, we are here to tell you: we’ve been there! Trust us, there is a whole world out there with brands offering cleaner cosmetics doing the same, or even better job as their toxic counterparts. Watch these 5 tips that will help you in finding non toxic beauty products and to hear what worked for us. MENTIONED: Gaia Creams: ⊳ 15% promo code: PATTERNOFTASTE Ecco Verde: ⊳ Naturisimo: ⊳ EWG – Environmental Working Group: ⊳  

Video: Looking for the perfect natural mascara

We love mascaras that give our eyelashes volume and lengthen them, giving eyes a wide-open effect. But switching it to a natural one can be a challenge. One of us has already embarked on this journey and told the other one off for still using her full of nasty ingredients mascaras!! If, like us, you want to protect your precious eyes, but not compromise on the performance, check out our video in which we talk about 4 natural alternatives. See for yourself how this one turns out 🙂 Have you already tried any natural mascaras? We would love to hear from you!

Video: Girls just wanna…compete! Avocado speed challenge

This is what happens when two girls spend too much time in the kitchen together – they compete! Preparing avocado for smoothies, salads and other recipes was the first thing we noticed we do differently and we just needed to establish who does it faster and better. To see who won by speed, watch our video! It’s up to you to judge whose ‘technique’ and presentation style was better.  

Video: Think Dirty app – how clean are your cosmetics?

Think Dirty is a name of an application we have recently downloaded and wanted to share our insights on it with you. Using this app, you can quickly scan cosmetics you currently have on your bathroom shelf; personally, we ended up being pretty shocked by the nasty ingredients hiding in some of our everyday beauty products. In the video you will be able to see which brands surprised us the most and how you can look for alternative products. We found this app to be an amazing tool to help us while shopping for cosmetics and we hope you will find it handy too. It’s currently available to download from App Store for free. Let us know in the comments if you checked the app yet and what cosmetics you currently have that shocked you the most.