My Autumn Health & Beauty essentials

As the seasons are changing, so are the needs of our bodies. We crave different foods, our skin reacts to the change in the weather and we might require more of certain nutrients. I definitely started craving more hearty meals, I have more difficulties getting up in the mornings and noticed that my skin is drying out quicker. Here are a few of my essentials to help me deal with the weather over the next few months:

Terranova Vitamin D3

As the days become shorter and we see even less sunshine, it is important to remember that, unless you spent a few months in a hot climate over the summer or have a bunch of sunny holidays planned for the next few months, the lack of sun will have an impact on your vitamin D levels. Lower vitamin D in turn might make you more prone to colds and generally decrease your immunity as well we make you feel tired. I usually take a vitamin D3 supplement throughout Autumn and Winter but it is important to seek professional guidance on whether you might need a test (free on NHS) and what doses would be suitable for you (it also depends on your ethnicity).

Balance Me Restore and Replenish cream

I’ve been using this cream for over a month and it’s a lovely creamy moisturiser, light and easily absorbed. There’s no fragrance which is what I’m always after.

Absolution Youth Activator mask

This is a very easy to apply and take off mask, no fuss. You can keep it on for as little as 10minutes and you can take it off with a bit micellar water and a cotton pad. It makes your skin look softer and refreshed! I use it once a week.

Ere Perez Correcting Calendula powder foundation

It’s a very light mineral coverage for every day use. I use it on top of a foundation during the week or on its own on days off and it gives a nice warm tone to my complexion. It can be a little messy (as mineral foundations can be) and it needs a top up during the day so I would usually use a mattifying powder on top if I was going out after work.

And of course, a breakfast bowl and green tea or decaf coffee!

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