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Starting again

Have you ever been thinking of doing something new and challenging,  maybe something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time, be it run a marathon, change career or maybe even set up your own company and follow your dreams? But do thoughts of how perfect it needs to be, how long it will take you to achieve your goal, and how other people who are already doing it excel at it, scare and paralyze you from moving forward? I cannot count how many times this has happened to me.

Take my blog, for example. This is the third blog I’ve set up in the past 4 years and I’ve spent countless hours and so much energy on perfecting every little detail of Pattern of Taste (with the help of one of my best friends, Anna). Yet, I keep on having long breaks from updating it. There were quite a few things stopping me from keeping it up, but mainly comparing myself to how other people, mainly professionals, do it. The thought of the high level of their knowledge, recipes, photographs, or quality of their videos has been overwhelming and stopped me from taking small steps towards achieving my goals.

Recently, I spoke to a person very close to me who said something that was just what I needed to hear. You know, the kind of thing that you might have read or heard somewhere before and thought: that’s so true! But then you forgot about it as soon as you scrolled further down the news feed on your phone. However, when the right person says it at the right time, it just hits you!

He said I shouldn’t be looking at people who already are where I want to be in the future, thinking ‘this spot is already taken, there are others doing it so well that there is no point in me even trying’. Instead, I should use this as my motivation to move forward and get closer to my goal, one step at a time. There is never ‘too many’ people doing one thing. We are all unique, and whilst doing very similar things, we do them in a different way and as a result slowly expand our space.

We all need to start somewhere and the main focus should be to keep moving forward. You don’t have to be perfect and certainly don’t expect to be where your idols already are. Just make a start, take one little step at a time and enjoy the journey!

Don’t be afraid of a failure or what others might think of you when things are tough – just bounce back and come back stronger!



Photos: Adil

Lots of love,

Ewelina xx

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Training to become a Naturopathic Nutritionist, Ewelina believes in the amazing health benefits of eating the right foods. Since switching to natural beauty products, she's also been enjoying sharing the great alternatives out there.

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