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Accounts to follow on snapchat

Sometimes I wonder what I would do without snapchat… It’s like a live update on other people lives (modern and classier version of stalking) and if you know the right people to follow you can really get inspired to actually do something with your life when you are feeling lazy;)

Here is my list of people who are worth your time 😉

1. Ashy Bines 


Ashy Bines in an Australian fitness guru. Watching her snapchats is like getting a lesson from life, she is incredibly inspirational and just very real. She is very honest about her life and how hard she worked for everything she has. Plus she has the cutest baby Taj <3

Ashy gave birth about 7 months ago and she managed to go back to her fit body in no time which she also documented on her snapchat story.

2. Emily Skye and her boyfriend Dec


Emily Sky is another Australian fitness model whose snapchats are mostly dedicated to her workouts and meals. What is great about her, is that she travels a lot and still manages to snack healthy 😉

Her latest snapchat was her bringing a bag of vegetables to a restaurant to add it to her favourite chicken curry… Also she and her boyfriend Declan are hilarious so definitely worth watching even if just to have a laugh 😉

3.Emma Miller


Emma Miller is a Chelsea girl based in London. I feel in love with her when she was one of Spencer Matthew’s (Made in Chelsea) girlfriends and I think she was the only one who actually dumped him, which was hilarious to watch.

Emma’s snapchat is a great mixture of best places to eat, workout and shop in London. She also provides a great insights into various London events and if you want to meet her personally she is in Selfridges almost every day (yes I saw her many times… no I’m not stalking her).

4. Lydia Elisse Millen


Lydia is another UK based blogger who dedicates her life to fitness, beauty and shopping. Her snapchats are very aesthetic and great to look at. She likes to talk about what to snack on, posh teas, house décor and her ‘new ins’.

Love, Mags Xx