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Gaia Creams review – Chia &Peach Kernal superpower blend

When we received the Chia & Peach Kernal superpower blend from Gaia we have been a little anxious as we haven’t used a skincare oil in a while! We straightaway looked at its properties and the ingredients which suitable for both of us, despite hang very different skin types.

We have already written in more detail about Gaia, their amazing products and company ethos, and this oil was no less perfect.

When we tried it the first time, we were mainly interested in the consistency of the oil. Whilst it is quite rich and a small amount goes a long way, it is also really well absorbed. Often, oils are associated with leaving a thick layer and clogging up pored, however this isn’t the case with this product! We have been applying it before sleep, as it might be a bit too heavy if you are doing your make up in the morning in a rush, and you wake up with glowing and well-moisturized skin. The serum is great for sensitive skin or with eczema as it reduces redness and large pores, but also provides great hydration and is anti-inflammatory.

The oil also has a very delicate natural fragrance, which isn’t sweet or overwhelming. Generally, all Gaia’s creams have a very natural, forest like fragrance.

Our verdict: Having been using the oil serum for about a month now, we can say with confidence that we are converted! 🙂

Have you tried any Gaia skincare products yet? If not, the time couldn’t have been better as they currently have 20% off across all their products  –  their holiday break treat. The promotion is on until the 22nd of August so hurry up and don’t miss out! Once the promotion ends, you can still get a 15% discount with us using our ‘PATTERNOFTASTE’ promo code.

Happy shopping and let us know your experience with these yummy skin food products.

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Training to become a Naturopathic Nutritionist, Ewelina believes in the amazing health benefits of eating the right foods. Since switching to natural beauty products, she's also been enjoying sharing the great alternatives out there.

  • Hi Ewelina,

    I love the sound of this – natural and it smells of peaches? That’s pretty perfect! I’ve been thinking of getting a skin oil for a little while now, so bring on payday so I can try one out!

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

  • patternoftaste

    Hi Besma,

    Definitely worth trying, plus they have 20% off this month! The fragrance is very forest like which I love as it’s not overwhelming 🙂

    Ewelina xx