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Minimalist Jewellery – gold necklace

Recently I have been obsessed with simple and minimalist jewellery that you can wear everyday, with any outfit, regardless of the occasion. Something that matches your personality but does not overwhelm you (unless going big is totally your style!). One of the pieces I have been looking for was a short and delicate gold necklace with a small pendant, and so I was super happy when my lovely mum has gifted me with a necklace by a Polish designer Ania Kruk. I have been wearing it every day since and I don’t need to think whether I’m going for a casual, work or evening look, as it goes with anything.

I am already looking around for another one to be able to layer them and now there really is a wide selection out there. Here are a few of my favourite ones:





Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.



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