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Peace – introducing the new artisan and organic beauty website

It was only recently that Anna posted about our top 3 favourite natural beauty online destinations and so we are extremely excited to share another, very unique website with you – Peace.

We had the pleasure of being contacted by Huma, the owner of Peace, who is one of the most passionate people out there, living a healthy and green life, and wanting to share it with others. Hearing stories from people on what motivated them to live healthier and less toxic lives always brings us joy, and Huma’s store is no different. Similarly to us, Huma found it very difficult to switch to natural beauty products due to conflicting information and words such as ‘natural’ not being regulated. As a result, Huma trusted her skin only with handmade organic products which helped her skin to heal, after a skin rash she had developed as a reaction to cosmetics from big and well known brands. She strongly believes that less is more – and we couldn’t agree more, especially that our skin can absorb up to 60% of products used! This is how the idea of setting up Peace came around. Instead of mass produced items with unknown ingredients, the website will only be offering a very edited artisan skincare range, made in the UK only.

From the minute you receive the box from Peace you can notice Huma’s great attention to detail and minimalism. Everything is made of recyclable materials and this only adds to the beauty of the products. We also love the website which explains every product extremely well, with ingredients list and information about each artisan. This gives you the assurance that you know the origins of your skincare products, where the ingredient come from and what they are. It’s such a beautiful thing to support local and small businesses which put so much love and attention to the products they make. It all feels very personal and the experience truly is one of a kind.

Brands that are currently available on their website are: AS.AP, Balmology, Nathalie Bond Organics, Natural Deo Co and Honest. The products available on the website range from face cleansers, creams and oils, to body scrubs and a natural deodorant.

Anna and I both tried all of the products that we received and here are our thoughts:


AS.AP Face Cream #3

Ewelina: At first glance, I found this cream quite rich but surprisingly very easily absorbed! The cream is perfect in the morning under the make up, but also to deeply hydrate and restore your skin overnight. The main ingredients are: Turkish rose, frankincense, cedarwood and sweet orange, which all work in harmony to soothe inflammation, and leave the skin radiant and improve its elasticity (yay!). I will definitely be purchasing this cream again soon as at the moment I only have a small test jar.


Nathalie Bond Organics – Bergamot and Ylang Ylang Body scrub

Ewelina: I normally don’t use body scrubs as I dry brush my skin few times a week BUT this scrub is simply amazing! The smell that comes out of the jar as you open it is simply heavenly. I am very sensitive to scents but this one is very natural and relaxing rather than overwhelming, like most of the conventional beauty products.I found it much easier applied on damp skin, even though the directions on the packaging advise that you can also use it on dry skin. In this way you don’t loose as much product as the consistency is of sugar with a combination olive oil, and essential oils like jojoba and lemon.

The lovely fragrance isn’t the only amazing thing about this product. Once you massage it onto your skin, it leaves it really nourished, smooth and the gentle scents stays with you! I couldn’t recommend this product more. My poor dry brush might have to be put away for the next few weeks and wait for its turn…

Anna: I agree with everything that Ewelina said – this is literally the loveliest product I have ever used under the shower. Its bergamot scent is divine, it moisturizes the skin wonderfully and really helps you relax after a long day. Considering how amazing this scrub is, I am looking forward to trying Nathalie Bond Organics body oils.


Natural Deodorant

Anna: At first, I was surprised to see a deodorant, which isn’t a roll on or a stick… But then I realised that there really is no need for any of those and applying a deodorant with fingertips is just as fine. I have switched to using natural deodorant only recently – this is the second one I tried and… it really works! It is such a relief to find a natural, aluminium-free product offering protection from unpleasant odours, even after an intense day. Also, it has a light pleasant scent, which is perfect for me because I don’t like overwhelming perfumes staying on my clothes the whole day.


Balmology Neroli & Sweet Basil Cleansing Balm

Anna: It’s 100% organic and exceptionally gentle for the skin. I usually try to avoid washing my face with water to not make it dry but this cleanser leaves it smooth and nourished. You need to massage it on your face and leave it to melt, which is so pleasurable since it smells amazing (and as weird as it sounds, I tend to just smell it during the day for pleasure – it has such a lovely, refreshing scent!). After it melts it should be rinsed off with hot water, using muslin cloth. The cleanse removes all the dirt and make up really effectively (and again – its scent is just divine!). I really recommend this product, it’s one of a kind.

Let us know if you tried any of these handmade organic products before.

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  • That body scrub looks amazing! Ylang ylang smells so yummy! Have y’all heard of Lavanila’s The Healthy Deodorant? I would love to get your thoughts on it as natural alternative to anti-perspirant!

  • patternoftaste

    Thanks for the recommendation Lauren! We will definitely try this deodorant. The Nathalie Bond Organics body scrub is divine and you should definitely give it a try 🙂


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    Nice review, thanks!

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