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Courgette pasta with spicy avocado sauce

Courgettes have recently become my new love and I really enjoy replacing pasta dishes with them. Thanks to that I no longer feel tired and lethargic after the meal.

What are the benefits of eating courgettes?

They are rich in magnesium and potassium, helping balance the blood pressure, and also the immune system boosting vitamin C. If you are watching your weight, you may want to know that courgettes have a high water content and are very low in calories. One more reason to get a bunch of these and include them in your diet!

Substituting pasta with courgettes is very simple; you can eat it raw or slightly steamed, and add various sauces to it. Even though I have been making this pasta for a while now, I can’t believe that I still haven’t got around to buying a vegetable spiralizer to be able to make spaghetti! Oh well, for those of you who are the lucky owners of one, use that. Those of you who are like me and don’t own a spiralizer, you can just use a vegetable peeler which will give you thicker pasta chunks, reminding of tagliatelle in their shape.

Ingredients: (Serves 2 people)

1 large or two small courgettes

1 small carrot

1 avocado

½ Romano pepper

A small handful of pine nuts

Pinch of cayenne, black pepper, salt and turmeric


Use a vegetable spiralizer, or a vegetable peeler, to create pasta from the courgettes and carrot, and put them aside in a bowl.

Next prepare the sauce: peel the avocado and blend for few seconds with the spices. Then add the rest of the ingredients and blend together for about 5 seconds. You don’t need to blend it all to a smooth paste – I quite like it chunky.

Add the sauce to your pasta and then sprinkle it with olive oil. You can season it to taste as required.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any other sauce recipes I could use!


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