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Clean Beauty: Dr Hauschka Volume Mascara review

In Looking for the perfect natural mascara video, I promised you I would test the natural mascaras and let you know my thoughts in a blog post. The product I will review today is Volume Mascara by Dr. Hauschka, which I’m using since then. I have to tell you guys, contrary to Ewelina’s experience, I really like this mascara.



– First of all it’s free of synthetic preservatives, scents, mineral oils, parabens, silicone and PEG, so it’s safe to use,

– It does give my lashes volume – probably not a dramatic one but it’s more than perfect for a daily use,

– The brush is thick and handle is long, which makes applying easier,

– It doesn’t cause lash clumping,

– It has a really pleasant, natural scent,

– It’s quite easy to remove,

– The packaging is simple and classy – might seem a bit old fashioned, but to me it’s in a good way, since so many mascaras now look like spaceships.


– When I apply it without having previously applied eye liner, it makes a bit of a mess on my eyelid. But as I’m not a make up professional (or anything close), it’s possible that I don’t have a good technique,

– It can seem a bit pricey with a £20 price tag (I still believe it’s worth it),

– After hours of wear it can flake, but just a bit.


Overally, I’m happy with it and would definitely recommend it to you. If you’d like to hear what non-natural mascaras can cause, watch our video (warning: Ewelina can effectively scare you and make you dispose of drugstore cosmetics, haha).

Let us know your natural mascaras recommendations or any questions in the comment section below!

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  • I think its awesome that it doesn’t clump I hate it when mascaras do that


  • I love good mascaras and this just sounds like it’s up my street! x

  • Yousra Nawied

    This seems like a great mascara!

    Yousra |

  • Maireem Maneje

    Great review on this mascara! 😀

  • Hi Anna,

    As before, loved the video on the natural mascaras – Dr Hauschka seems like a great one to try, although £20 is a little above my usual price range. If I see it in a shop, I think I’ll pick it up however!

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

  • OBSESSED with your site! You’re like a fresh new ‘A Beautiful Mess’!


  • patternoftaste

    Thank you for your lovely comment, Georgina! You made our day! <3

  • patternoftaste

    Hi Besma,

    We’re happy that you enjoyed our video 🙂 I agree that the price of Dr Hauschka mascara is quite high. You can try ordering Annemarie Borlind mascara on Naturisimo with 10% discount and it shouldn’t cost you more than £13 – Ewelina is super happy with it.

    Have a great day!

  • patternoftaste

    Thank you Maireem! 🙂

  • patternoftaste

    It is! Thanks for dropping by Yousra 🙂

  • patternoftaste

    I agree, clumping mascaras should be banned! ;))

  • patternoftaste

    I’m really happy with it! Plus it doesn’t have any nasties inside 🙂

  • Good! You deserve it!