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(Green) Beetroot Smoothie

I thought I will continue with the beetroot theme I started on the blog recently and share a green beetroot smoothie recipe with you. Beetroot has an exceptional nutritional value, which is why many consider it a superfood. You can read more in my recent post.

The first time I made this smoothie was  after a long day at work – I needed a boost of energy! I fell in love with it as it has hidden leafy greens in it too – the perfect pick-me-up breakfast or or a post workout snack! The colour of just one beet is so overwhelming that it tuned it into a deliciously pretty red that I am completely obsessed with.

If you want this smoothie to be less pulpy, you can use a medium glass of beetroot juice instead of a beetroot and put slightly less greens.


– Handful of cabbage leaves (you can use other leafy greens)

– 1 small beetroot or a medium glass of beetroot juice

– 1-2 cups of water (depends on how thick you want it)

– 1 medium banana

– 1 small apple

– 1 tsp of lemon


Always start with blending the greens and vegetables with 1 portion of liquid first to ensure that the consistency is smooth. The time it takes to blend the smoothie depends on your blender; I usually blend it for 30 seconds in Thermomix.

Once done, add the rest of the ingredients and water, and blend for further 30 seconds.

Pour the smoothie into your favourite cup and enjoy plain or sprinkled with mixed seeds for an extra boost.


What is your favourite energy boosting smoothie? I would love to hear from you so make sure to leave a comment below 🙂

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Training to become a Naturopathic Nutritionist, Ewelina believes in the amazing health benefits of eating the right foods. Since switching to natural beauty products, she's also been enjoying sharing the great alternatives out there.

  • Hi Ewelina,

    Thanks for the recipe! I’ve actually not yet tried making a beetroot smoothie, although my favourite Savse smoothie is the beetroot one so I’m pretty sure I’d love this. Saving it to my bookmarks to give it a go soon.

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

  • patternoftaste

    Thank you Besma. Yes definitely give it a try, it’s really yummy and so good for you. It’s often helping me get through busy times! 🙂

    Ewelina xx

  • i’ve never tried beetroot but i love making smoothies so i’ll have to give it a try!