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Green smoothie with avocado and almond milk

I don’t know about you, but green smoothies are my favourite! The more green goodness they have in them, the better! I often drink a green smoothie for breakfast, or as a snack during the day.

The below recipe is very quick to prepare, super yummy and super healthy – all very important factors,especially if you are just staring off your journey of preparing green smoothies.

Ingredients (serves 1-2 people)

Handful of kale

Half avocado (or whole one if you like the smoothie to be very thick)

1 medium banana

1 cup of almond milk

Handful of dates


I usually add flaxseeds and maca powder but you can use anything you like. I use superfoods with most foods and drinks for added vitamins and minerals.


I blend kale first for about 10 seconds (depending on your blender) and then add all other ingredients, and blend them together for another 12-15 sec.

I use dates occasionally to add a bit of sweet taste (as kindly suggested by a friend of mine who I served this smoothie to), but as I love the taste of raw vegetables and other ingredients just as they are, I don’t always need that added sweetness. Alternatively, you could try using a well ripen banana or add a bit of honey.

I often make this drink after exercise or to re-energise as it is rich in protein and other vitamins needed to nourish my body.

What’s your favourite green smoothie? Share your ideas below.

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